This online course will teach you how to win big and make money on high limit slot machines by identifying the hot slots, by identifying small but important factors that can make a huge difference in the outcome of your gaming experience.

Welcome to our online school "Flippin n Dippin on high-limit slot machines" You will learn how to better your odds when you're playing high limit slot machines. Flippin your money and Dippin into theirs never using your hard-earned money again is the meaning behind Flippin n Dippin. You will be able to spot loose slot machines that payout on a regular, you will be able to realize when a high limit slot machine is tight, you will recognize what days of the month to visit the casinos to better your odds and much much more. If you want to win big and make money on high limit slots without breaking the bank or spending thousands of dollars, or if you are sick and tired of losing your money on those penny slots and you want to get the most out of your gambling experience then this is the school you have been looking for.

JFK, I took your advice and came home with almost $15k, and they were not all hand pays. Like you say, the smaller payouts do add up.


better your odds on slot machines

We followed Mr. JFK Flippin n Dippin and we have been hitting jackpots ever since!!